InnerYoga is a therapeutic approach to yoga – supporting us both on and off the mat in cultivating a more integrated sense of self.  The approach invites deep inner listening and inspires a foundation of ease, kindness, awareness and breath in both passive (yin) and active (yang) yoga. InnerYoga is a deeply nourishing practice that works with the subtle (energetic) body, bringing balance and harmony to all levels of physical, mental and emotional being. InnerYoga includes gentle active yoga, Yin Yoga (a Taoist form of yoga),  pranayama (breath work), Jin Shin Jyutsu, (a Japanese healing modality) and Buddhist meditation practices. The philosophy and methodology of InnerYoga is deeply rooted in a variety of ancient wisdom practices as well as psychoneuroimmunology – the scientific understanding of the body-mind as the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems.  Most importantly, InnerYoga invites us to have a more skillful loving relationship with the challenges that arise day to day in our bodies, hearts & minds.