Dina is the Founder and Creator of Leadership Within to deliver coaching and training of mindfulness-based programs that cultivate Leadership Within for C-level clients. 

Leadership Within engages organizations in an evolutionary approach to strengthen both individuals as well as the workplace culture they exist within. Dina's expertise focuses on developing intra & interpersonal development to increase creative collaboration, teamwork and conflict-resolution skills. 

As an executive coach Dina supports both individual clients and teams as well as a larger strategic shift towards a culture of health and well-being. Dina's clients have hailed from Google, Founders Fund, Expedia, Net Power & Light, Innovation Endeavors, The New Yorker, and MIT to name a few. 

The program can be delivered through online training webinars to support embodied intelligence, self-care, greater mindfulness at work, and improved health and well being for organizations with dispersed employee populations.