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Pure Yin: For Balancing The Seasonal Body – Late Summer

Location: Yoga Tree Valencia

This workshop is a gentle journey into the profoundly therapeutic and rejuvenating method of Yin Yoga.

This deeply relaxing practice will highlight the energy rivers of late summer - the spleen and stomach meridians. These are the pathways of digestion. When they are in harmony, we easily absorb nourishment into our body, mind, and heart - from food, from nature, from other humans, from beauty, and from all that is sacred in our lives. This nourishment brings balance and ease to our being. When out of balance, the spleen and stomach channels increase our tendency for worry and anxiety and disturb our digestion of that which nourishes our well-being.

No experience is required, just a sincere desire to turn inward. Students who are pregnant or injured are welcome to attend.

All levels are welcome.
COST: $65 in advance, $75 at the door