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Pure Yin: Balancing the Seasonal Body – Autumn

Location: Yoga Tree Valencia

This passive and deeply relaxing practice will expand your breath, open your body, and bring ease into your whole being. 

Autumn, according to yogic science (Ayurveda), is the most potent time of the year to make deep and lasting changes in your body, mind and spirit. It is the season of Vata - wind energy. When harnessed skillfully, Vata brings about significant and beautiful personal transformation and creativity. When left unchecked Vata winds can stir up anxiety, monkey-mind, and stress. 

In this workshop you will be guided through a Yin & InnerYoga sequence that will ground and sooth your body-mind while inviting you to gracefully open to the magical energy of transformation that this season brings. 

All levels are welcome.

COST: $65 in advance, $75 at the door