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InnerYoga for Balancing the Seasonal Body: Winter

Location: YogaWorks Back Bay, Boston

Take a deep dive inward with the profoundly therapeutic and rejuvenating practices of Yin and InnerYoga.

This passive deeply relaxing workshop is designed to support the vibrancy of kidney chi - the underlying vitality of physical and energetic well-being. It will "de-stress" you and invite your body-mind to feel calm, delicious and renewed. 

The winter season is both the most susceptible time for kidney chi disturbance as well as the most accessible and auspicious time of year to reap its benefits. When kidney chi is harmonious the body is physically resilient and there is an innate trust in life and your own inner knowing in the face of life's challenges.

Kidney chi is thrown out of balance by day to day stress, emotional tumult, and too much "doing" and not enough "being." When kidney chi is out of balance the body-mind is more susceptible to fear, increased stress, colds and flues, disturbed sleeping habits, and joint and lower back issues.

All levels are welcome.