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InnerYoga for Balancing The Seasonal Body: Summer Detox

Location: YogaWorks Back Bay, Boston

Fee:  $175 ($135 by April 15th)

Sign up: www.

Immerse yourself into a deeply nourishing and detoxifying day of Yin & InnerYoga. According to Chinese Medicine, early spring is an innately supportive time to cleanse your whole being. We will begin by laying the foundation for our detoxification process with a deliciously grounding and calming InnerYoga experience of unwinding and then move into a series of Yin Yoga poses & Jin Shin Jyutsu that emphasize the liver and gall bladder meridians- the energy pathways of Spring & detoxification.

Be prepared for some deliciously deep hip opening & a transformative inward journey. The four foundations of InnerYoga- awareness, kindness, breath, and ease will be woven throughout.

Please note there will be a lunch break from 12.30 -2.00pm